People Major Difference - Apartments / House and Boarding Rooms (ANYWHERE YOU EXPECT TO LIVE)


Gas, Lights, Water, Garbage Removal, Taxes, Insurance, Maintenance, Amenities, Tenants Accidents (Ooops, my bag)

If you are looking for a ROOM IN A HOME to rent or a BOARDING place to live, based on some of the idiot posts:

1. We All Love Our Pets [As Do I] but 'Desperate Situations' require sacrifice... If you have a pet(s) [ this may not include Apartment Renters ], have someone / somewhere for pet(s) to stay, until you are able to 'Manage on Your Own'... IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO GIVE UP PET(s), THEN YOU ARE NOT IN A "DESPERATE OR EMERGENCY SITUATION"...Most, will not want to rent to you and people with no pets will get priority... It is 'INHUMANE' (My Opinion) to have a pet locked up /caged in a room for long periods. PLUS, they Will need to 'Relieve Themselves' at some point... Make Reasonable Arrangements for your Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Snake, Turtle, Rat, Pig, Ferret, Chickens, to be considered... Also, no matter how well behaved you think your pet is, all pets cause damage. "I have a pet(Dog), save your hate mail." Additionally, the small dog you carry in your bag is not a "Service Dog". Legitimate Service Dogs are trained and registered. *Have Registration Papers On Hand*. If you insist on including your pet and posting your 'Pet's Picture', post 'Yours as Well'... For all the people that are only posting photos of their pets and not themselves, "Owners Rent To People, Not Pets." WILL YOUR PET BE PAYING THE RENT??

2. If you are a Couple. It will be 'Harder' to get a room rented to you before a 'Single Person'. Why would a homeowner, who has a 3-bedroom house and charges $600. monthly per room, rent to a Couple for the same price as a Single Person? No one wants to hear your fights, your drama, or you having sex at 3 AM... In addition, a Couple uses double the utilities, has twice as much activity so 'The Price is More'. Also, for the people that say they are a Family(2 adults) with Kids(2 or more) and 'One Room is Fine'- "It's Not."

3. RENT IS HIGH HERE IN ILLINOIS...SO Please, do your homework before placing an ad and look at the prices other homeowners are charging for rent. If the average homeowner is charging $700. monthly then 'Do Not Think' $300. - $400. will be acceptable. Take your $300. - $400. to an area where you will get what you pay for. You are paying for Safety, Pest-Free and Drama-Free Environment, as well as Respectful Roommates and/or Owners.

4. When you make unreasonable demands like "Must have Master Bedroom", "Must have own bathroom" you should 'Be Prepared to Pay an Extra Price' for someone to give up their master bedroom and bath and go sleep in a room that was their child's old bedroom. If you want a Master Bedroom and a private bath, extra-large closets, secure off street parking, storage space separate entrance, GO RENT YOUR OWN APARTMENT. Room rental is just that: *Room Rental.*

5. If the room you are Renting States, "Single Occupancy, No Overnighters or No guest"...BUT, 'You Say' your Girl/Boyfriend will "only be there occasionally"... "Hell No!" JUST OCCASIONALLY GO WHERE THEY STAY (their place, friends or Mamas' house). "Single Occupancy and No Overnighters or No Guests", the Meanings are pretty clear.

6. If you place an ad for a place to rent that says Desperate, Urgent, Emergency, Homeless, ASAP or need HELP, why didn't You Contact Your Family, Friends, Churches or Shelters; isn't that what they are for. ALSO, if Your Ad says one of the above and states, "Will Do Anything" etc... Be prepared for 'Offers to Trade Sex for a Place to Live', from both Male and Females. *'Just Don't Get or Act Annoyed'*. You have "No or a Little Money'. **'Choose Which is Most Important to You'.** "HAVING Housing /Shelter /Maintaining Hygiene /Eating Freshly Prepared Foods /Sleeping and Waking Up in a Cozy Bed /Not Being Raped -OR- Your Beliefs, Your Morals or What Others Would /Will think (?if they knew - You tell them?)." IF SOMEONE IS WILLING TO LET YOU [male or female] LIVE OFF /ON THEM WITH NO BILLS /MONEY OR EVEN SOME RENT FOR SEX, THEN -??? A NO BRAINER [ I have allowed this before -Twice. But it was called Marriage ] *NOT FOR ME OR ANYONES ELSE TO JUDGE*. "We All have ONLY One Life and *NO ONE* can Live Ours or Dictate Ours"... MY Personal Thought on this...."I would rather have the Rent Money. Then After I Pay My Bills, I can Focus Better (get an erection) for the Sex".

7. It is amazing how all of a sudden everyone becomes Christian when they are faced with being on the streets or have a desperate need. They want to live in a Christian household. If you are a real Christian then your *First Resource is Your Local Church* you go to on a 'Regular Basis' (yeah, right). Besides, Your Christianity doesn't make YOU anymore trustworthy, respectful, morally better, sane or even give you any 'Preference' over Non-Christians. "CHRISTIANS HAVE PROVEN TO BE ASSHOLES TOO." NEVER SHOULD THERE BE ANY SHAME FOR ANYONE, IN ASKING THE HEADS OF CHURCHES FOR OTHER HELP ( besides food give-aways {also donated} and cooked meals )

8. It is also very funny how many people all of a sudden Want to Cook and Clean for a Free Place to Live...OK, ok, I'm a Little Slow with Understanding this..."YOU want to Live in My House For Free, while Cleaning and Cooking MY FOOD for YOU and ME." "One of US, would have to be 'Dumb as Fuck'." If I'm allowing You to Live On Me for Free, couldn't You at least supply the Food..No amount of your cooking will pay the electric bill or the rent. In addition, YOU are Going to Tell Me how many hours and days in the month YOU Will Only Clean. "WHO IS LETTING WHO LIVE FOR FREE".

9. Be advised that Illegal use of your Food Stamps offer a possibility of being fined or jailed. Also, Food Stamps are not a monetary exchange for a roof over your head unless the homeowner puts in the ad that Food Stamps, WTC, EBT will be accepted for rent. Then Maybe they will start accepting Food Stamps for Utilities and Repairs.

10. If You Smoke, cigs - 420s'/weed or vape, and the Owner States in "Designated Areas Only". But 'You Decide' to smoke where 'You Want To', for whatever reasoning. Then you deserve to be 'Put Out'. Where is the respect for the Owner who allows You to smoke in 'Designated Areas.' Also, now theirs's the matter of Trust...Of which You can No Longer be Trusted. Worst, is 'Cigarette Burns' in sheets, mattresses, furnishings and the possibility of a Fire.
If you are an "outdoor smoker", though it makes no difference because the smell permeates your clothes and comes inside when you do. Plus, when you are throwing the cig butts on the property grounds, in months these Will Build Up. Causes an unsightly look and even odor around the property.

11. No one cares how many Degrees or potential interviews you have or YOUR assurances you will find a job quickly or your willingness to pay later... If you want to 'Pay Later, Move in Later'.

12. Whether Male or Female, it makes no sense to place an ad for a 'Free Room' and then say this is "Not an Ad For Sex"...OK THEN WHY ARE YOU, Beautiful, Handsome or Cute and willing to be a Companion, Helper, Personal Assistant, etc, etc..., in or around the House..."BULLSHIT!!" AT LEAST THE MALE OR FEMALE THAT IS OFFERING SEX, IS WILLING TO BARTER SOMETHING THAT MAY BE BENIFICIALY HELPFUL. Basically, You are offering NOTHING, to live On/Off of someone's money.

13. Another stupid ad: "We are a couple, please let us live in your house for free so we can save up money to get our own apartment". Isn't the whole purpose of renting a room out to make money so that I can pay my own bills? Why would anyone allow someone else to stay in a house free so they can save money while they are costing the Owners money to stay there? It makes no sense. On top of that it also said "Neither me nor my girlfriend will "exchange" anything for a free place to stay" If people think they are going to get something for nothing they are either crazy or scammers. One way or another you are going to have to pay. This is one of the most expensive places to live with a critical shortage of housing and more people arriving every month. Think about what you are going to write before you ask for anything as stupid as a free place to live, when you are not willing to give up anything in return.

14. Renting to a woman or Couple with a baby(ies) or pregnant. Has the possibility of placing the Home Owner at Risk for Liabilities from accidents(falls, etc...) Just something to think about...

15. Please do not claim discrimination for any of the above...The housing laws DO protect against housing discrimination. BUT, If the homeowner lives in "Their House" and rents out a room, the homeowner has the legal right (For Safety) to rent or not to rent to anyone they wish. Also, Inside My Home, I can Make or Change Rules as I see fit. *[unless there is a Lease - why I don't give any]*. IN ILLINOIS FOR HOMEOWNERS W/NO LEASE - A DATED 30 DAY NOTICE TO VACATE TO THE RENTER IS NECESSARY...WITH A LEASE -THE TENANT MAY TAKE YOU TO COURT -NO MATTER THE VERDIT -THE JUDGE MAY GIVE THAT TENANT ANYWHERE FROM 30 DAYS TO 6 MONTHS TO VACATE THE PROPERTY, WITH YOU RECEIVING NO RENT DURRING THAT TIME.

16. If you live in another city and have always wanted to live in a different city and become famous, hide out, start over etc., but want to get a "Free Place" to live before you move here to "Check Things Out"-- Stay home. Why should anyone pay the cost for "Your Dreams"? If you want to move here, save enough money to rent a room when you get here... If you run out of money and can only get Porn offers, 'accept them or you can go back home'. Don't expect a "Free Place" to live.

17. Don't expect reduced rent because you "will only be there 3 nights a week". If you only need 3 nights rent a motel room. -OR- Because you "won't be in the Home most of the time". When You pay at a Hotel, You Don't get a Reduction in Rent for the Days You Weren't Their or Didn't Return for Your Belongings.

18. If you post a picture of yourself, post one that doesn't make you look like; a serial killer, a always high druggie, child molester, your DUI arrest photo...If you get a response it is because the person renting the room looks as bad as you do.

*19. SAY/STATE IF YOU ARE; Male, Female or Other... This may/is *Important to the Owner of said properties/room(s)…Could be the Owner already has a Specific Gender Only renting residence (All; Females/Others/Males)… Possibly, even for Safety reasons - Yours and/or Other Renters.

20. MY FAVORITE; I'll 'House Sit' In your Home, while you are away out of Town, Country or Just Your Mind.
Who needs someone (you don't know) to going through 'All Your Personal Shit'...Making copies, stealing, inviting others over, etc...

21. Just had this 'Happen Again'...
Tenants move-in from WHEREVER, which IS INFESTED, with mice/rats, roaches and/or bed bugs...Tenants say nothing nor take any type of preventative measures; -shaking out and washing all clothing. Placing all sealed boxes, bags or anything taped, in an enclosed area, with at least 2 - 3 smoke bombs for pest, placed inside. Throw away or washing numerous times, anything within an area that had Bed Bugs...THINGS THAT SHOULD BE DONE BEFORE THEY MOVE-IN.
FORTUNATELY, I'm aware of how Inconsiderate Tenants (a few unaware) can be.
So I make my own insecticide, which I spray a 'Month Before Tenants Move-in'...Sprayed on ALL walls (ceiling also), baseboards, curtains, pipes going into walls, bed frames and a light mist on mattresses, around windows (open and spray inside) and All around doors....
It prevents them from Reproducing and Kills ALL pests for up to 8 months coming into Your Place...FOR Mice/Rats; Small bags of poison, placed under rugs, bottom of dressers, inside steps (take top off) and inside walls where pipes go through. (a few pets, like ferrets may have problems).

'OFFENDER SEARCH', has a one time fee of $1.99, for your cell phone...Using your GPS Location, shows ALL SEX OFFENDERS MEN and WOMEN in your location once open or you can Search Other Locations...Will give you their; name, address, pictures and crime(s) [everything from indecent-molesting-rape-murder and *how many times for each*]. KNOW THIS, ONCE DOWNLOADED ON YOUR CELL, YOU'LL SEE NO AREA IS WITHOUT OFFENDERS...
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